Make by SUZ

Welcome to the site of Make by Suz, born from the creative ideas of 2 sisters.

For the smallest riders among us, who start their first (bixie) competitions, we have beautiful bixi ropes, so your little rider or rider on his or her pony can safely compete in the competition. Make a choice out of his or her favorite colors, we would also like to make these bixie lines for you!

And then there are the lucky charms, our Lucky Things, for big and small. Attach them to your bridle for just that little bit of extra luck in the competition.

We also have a passion for photography. We love to go out with the camera and make the most beautiful pictures. Do you like to have a photo session with your dog (s), horse or pony, without animals but with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with the family, then we will gladly go out with you! We live close to a number of beautiful places (forest, nature), where we can make beautiful pictures, but also photos on the beach or at other locations are possible. We like to think along with you. For an impression of the atmosphere of the photos we make, take a look at our portfolio!

For more information, or for placing an order, you can contact: